Adult Female Harris Hawk

Immature Female Gyrsaker Hybrid

Immature Goshawk

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Harris Hawk
Harris Hawks are quite intelligent compared to other birds of prey. The male has an average weight of 735 gms (634-877) and the females 1,047 gms (913-1,203). Harris Hawks are also able to hunt in pairs. Harris hawks are found from southern USA to Argentina in South America.

Peregrine Falcon
Also called DUCK HAWK (Falco peregrinus), bird of prey of the family Falconidae, which occurs worldwide. Adult peregrines are bluish gray above with underparts white to yellowish with black barring. They are strong and fast. They fly high and dive at tremendous speeds, and killing by impact. The prey includes ducks and shorebirds. There is close to twenty sub species of peregrines world wide. The Peales Peregrine is the largest.

Hybrid Falcons
Due to the advanced techniques of artificial insemination, designer falcons and hawks are being produced by breeders. One of the first hybrids falcons was produced by John Lejeune  of Agasiz ( This particular falcon was a Gyrfalcon crossed with a Prairie falcon known to falconers as a Gyrairie. Presently there is no limit to the crosses of the falconidae. Perhaps the most popular is the GyrPeregrine. This falcon is known to some as the super falcon, combining the level flight speed and size of the Gyrfalcon and the stooping powers of the Peregrine. This hybrid has a huge following in the North American falconry community due mainly to the Middle East's lust for the larger powerful female. Thus the smaller tiercel or male hybrid has become a by-product of breeding females for the Arabs. Depending on the sub-species of peregrine the male hybrids range from 24oz. 32oz. the average is around 27oz. Female Gyrperegrine's weigh between 34oz. to 48oz. flying weights.

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Immature Male Gyrfalcon

Immature Harris x Halans Redtail Hybrid Hawk

75% Gyrsaker